i got the "blue" DSi 8D~ *captain obvious*
i DON'T even like blue, but since this blue is only available in the U.S., might as well get it +w+ HUHUHU~... if new colors come out later, i'm gonna trade it though lol unless this one grows on me....i mean..who doesn't love toilet water blue~

i didn't even have enough $$$ for a game though OTL LOL;;;
BUT my brother ended up paying half (cuz he's freakin' nice like that) WHICH meant i DID have enought for a game *twitch*

my mom promised she'd buy me a game n__n
..when she gets back from her travels orz

until then, i'll have to entertain myself with the camera/sound record features WHICH, for those who are easily amused (like me), IS very entertaining *w*;;

am i cool yet? haha;
Alex: ...
my grandma & i HAHAHA
artistic skills by Alex

Hopefully this won't interfere with my FINALS...
Perfect timing or what..8D
i finally went clothes shopping today =u= and didn't find much;;; i guess it has to do with not really having a "style";; i wasn't really into getting stuff that i needed now (like warmed clothes) but more into getting clothes i can later combine and use in the summer as well *A*;; since i'm POOR lol;; i like to spend my money wisely =u=

speaking of spending money wisely..
i bought panda ear muffs yesterday 8D

and i bought a (panda) calendar + manga (which i've watched the animated series already;; but i wanted to read anyway~~) ugh these after xmas sales are gonna be the end of me (more like my wallet)

anyway, back to the clothing subject.
i actually tried on the clothes before buying it lol (very rare for me) and thank goodness i did T`3T)9;; i rly need to start working out agaiiinn aksdgfsg shouldn't i feel good since i recently lost 5lbs by doing NOTHING?!(LOL) and i never thought i'd ever reach the weight i am now, so it's hard to believe i still feel fat after getting to this point OTL it makes me wonder exactly what my normal weight should be @__@ i know i'm short, but omg it can't be 90 something lbs;; that's insaaane *skeleton child much*

i guess i'll have to wait and see..
i'll start year haha

i wonder if i'll have, the strength to do so after starting college OTL i hope i don't become like those ppl who're sleeping on their free time >0<;;

oh man, so i did find a movie to watch yesterday |-D *proud procrastinator* so worth it man =//u//= i almost forgot how great korean movies can be TvT)9<333

so so so cute *w* *kidnaps*
and i'm not talking about the baby LOLjkjk i am |-D but..haha
Jang Geun-Suk isn't that bad either *⌐*

(my new desktop bg asjdaksjfhksdf)

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gfgdfdfh i should really be drawing LATE xmas gifts but i can't stop procrastinating D8 *doing this/looking for a good korean movie to watch;;;) ugh it' just feels too late to draw atm =0= i'm kinda tired from playing Guitar Hero: World Tour for *cough*4 hrs straight*cough*;; i promised my cousins i'd play with them when they got it! |-D;; i played drums AND sang LOL so i've got noodle arms & a sore throat atm OTL it was fun though~

i went to my uncle's house yesterday for a small get together~ it was his anniversary/wife's bday *v* so there was delicious cake~~~(being a fatty lately;;) we played loteria again! xD!! but with MONEY +W+!!.............25 cents a person LOL didn't seem like much but little cousin kept on killing us |"8 little kids and their luck orz it was ok u3ú she needed the money to buy a new string for her cello LOL<-my excuse for her so the adults wouldn't kick her out of the game =u=`;;) in the end my dad threw in $11 along with everyone's money #`0 #;; aunt/godmother won it OTL (the one who was having the worst luck...i guess lucky now.) i can't believe we got so worked up for 11+ dollars @w@l|l LOL *hobos* my other aunt's bf was even doing his weird "witchcraft" to the cards xD!! *freak* (it was working though!! o_e) i'll have to copy him when we play on new years LOLjkjk

but be more ppl will be playing which means more money..

gotta break my piggy bank +3+

i realized i've lost 5 lbs with no exercise & i've been eating..a lot latey o_o;
wth? LOL;; i really should be exercising though;;
it feels so wrong being "inactive"<-robot?! xD

Christmas morning was a bit depressing, but i tried my best to make the best out of the rest of the day ò3ó)9! and i succeeded~ family & friends do make things better C:

haha with a few games of Loteria (with beans lol) plus Spongebob UNO on the side (talk about multi-tasking) and a few beers B-D---i don't drink i swear!! they were just placed all by me for some reason;; *cough*


did i mention my dog got a mohawk? :D



it goes down his back, but i couldn't get a decent pic OTL
just imagine Donkey from Shrek and you get the picture lol

for real..

he needs some gel ):